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Lloyd Burrell interview

Lloyd Burrell: 5G, Coronavirus, Practical EMF Tips, and Healing from Electrosensitivity
with Josh del Sol

In his new book and video series EMF Practical Guide, now available HERE, Lloyd Burrell provides the best simple strategies and wisdom he's gained over the past 20 years, since realizing that he was electrosensitive.

When we spoke last week, shared his passion behind writing his new book, which he says "is the book that I'd like to have read when I became sick."

I wholeheartedly recommend Lloyd's book and video series, which is undoubtedly saving lives already.

In this material, Lloyd will help you protect your home and loved ones with easy tips and powerful truth at a time when we critically need to reduce EMF exposure, boost our immune systems and increase awareness.

» Watch our interview here [50 mins]

EMF Practical Guide
Key Developments This Week

Listen: Explosive talk on the 5G-Coronavirus connection, by alleged former senior Vodafone executive [34 mins]
video by "Think About It" on Brighteon

This talk by an apparent former senior Vodafone executive is going viral, despite it recently being removed from YouTube. In it, the speaker disclosed a startling perspective on the Coronavirus-5G connection. Listen Now...


Slovenia Stops 5G Due to Health Risks
by /

Slovenia's Minister of Administration, Rudy Medved, told the Slovenian media, "Questions about the harmfulness of 5G technology are legitimate." Read more...


"BREAKING NEWS!! Office of Governor Ned Lamont LIED about the infant death in Connecticut. He should be forced to resign!" [12 mins]
by Candace Owens

MUST SEE! This video from Candace Owens went completely viral in the last 24 hours, with over 3 million views. Profiteering tyrants are trying to increase the "COVID-19 deaths" numbers by lying. Truth to power! Watch Now...

CE interview

Coronavirus: Theories & Consciousness | Josh del Sol [55 mins]
by Joe Martino []

This week Joe Martino and I discussed emerging developments related to the Coronavirus situation, my view of how the dots connect, and how we can respond most powerfully. Watch Now...


BILL GATES 'You Can't Travel Without a VACCINE CERTIFICATE' [1 minute]
by MaccabeesTV

This 1-min video tells you what the Coronavirus plan-demic is really about. This RIGHT HERE is the nexus between CV, vaccines, biometrics and 5G. Read more...

» Gates admits he told Trump to kill the Vaccine Safety Commission which was to be headed by RFK Jr. [1 min]
» Who was Bill Gates before Microsoft? [9 mins]

Watch the video

More good news? Citizen reporters go & do what the media won't!
by Dana Ashlie

This powerful compilation of grassroots journalism - also gone completely viral - is helping people dissolve the veil of lies about the Coronavirus lockdown situation. Watch Now...

EVENT TONIGHT 7PM PT : Global Peace Meditation

A key question for this time is, how then do we respond?

Our two areas of being need to connect: the outer and the inner. In times such as this, a soul- or spiritually-oriented inner perspective can help give us hope, direction and community. From there an effective, cohesive outer/action response can form.

TONIGHT AT 7PM USA PACIFIC TIME, join a free, worldwide intentional meditation. Their goal is 144,000 simultaneous meditators around the world.

Go here to join:

Here's another powerful spiritual message, from Derek Broes (not to be confused with our Derrick Broze! 😉) a former senior media exec who gave up that lifestyle. If you have resonance with the essence of Christ/Yeshua/Jesus - but not necessarily religion - watch this. Derek typically has ~1000 viewers on livestreams, a solid online community.

Watch: Derek's 11-minute take on the soul/spirit element:

Now is the time for being true to our own soul and Source.

-Josh del Sol

The Real
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