Also: stunning news from the Trump administration on radiation
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Cities are suing
the FCC.

Cities Will Sue FCC to Stop $2 Billion Giveaway to Wireless Carriers


New York, Boston, Seattle, Portland and many other cities are filing lawsuits against the FCC. We call on people everywhere to self-organize and educate / join forces with their local governments in this matter. Read more...

Is Wifi in Schools Harming Our Children

Is Wi-Fi in Schools Harming Our Children? The Testimony of Rodney Palmer


Veteran journalist Rodney Palmer gives powerful testimony to the Royalty Society of Canada on how the roll out of powerful wi-fi systems in Canadian schools may account for debilitating and even deadly side effects, such as sudden cardiac arrest in students. Watch video...

11 compelling EMF
talks at the NIH

EMF Conference @ NIH with Pall, Clegg, Sullivan and Scarato [Video Clips]

by Cece Doucette, Nick Pineault et al

Eleven highly-compelling presentations from the Health in Buildings Roundtable Conference held at the NIH this summer. All talks are less than 10 minutes for easy sharing; Q&A are also included. Watch now...

EPA statement


Here we go, folks. Radiation is "good". Paving the way for normalization of 5G millimeter wave (microwave) radiation to blanket everyone and everything. Meanwhile hundreds of scientists have been desperately trying to sound the alarm. -JDS

The Trump administration is quietly moving to weaken U.S. radiation regulations, turning to scientific outliers who argue that a bit of radiation damage is actually good for you — like a little bit of sunlight.

Featured Advocacy
This call for action is from Rainer Nyberg, Professor Emertius, Vasa, Finland. I support this action as something we can do with immediate effect, while the next phase of the InPower Notice of Liability process is currently being developed. -JDS

Dear all

ICNIRP is inviting comments on its draft guidelines, to be submitted by 9 October. Professor Emeritus Martin L. Pall has prepared Comments on the Draft Guidelines (PDF) and we are collecting signatories for a joint submission.

If you are a scientist, MD or well informed about the risks of EMFs, we invite you to support the attached (Comments Draft mGuidelines) submission to ICNIRP. Please fill in - by 7 October 2018 - the form here. (This will enable us to collect responses efficiently. IP addresses will NOT be collected.)

You may alternatively respond, providing the following details, directly by email to: by 7 October 2018: Full name, Academic degree(s), Title(s), Affiliation(s), Place of residence, Country

We will send the list of signatories to Professor Emeritus Martin Pall on October 8, for forwarding to ICNIRP to meet the deadline of 9 October.

Thank you in anticipation.

Rainer Nyberg,
EdD, Professor Emeritus
Vasa, Finland (please also sign this one)

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