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On Saturday, July 27th, individuals across America will join together in local rallies to push back against the deployment of the next generation of wireless - 5G - in their neighborhoods, towns and cities. The rallies will center around the slogan; "5G: An Undeniable Risk" - a reference to the fact that there has been no safety testing of the new technology. Hundreds of published, peer-reviewed studies over the past twenty years have demonstrated significant adverse biological effects from prolonged exposure to 2G, 3G and 4G wireless radiation, including evidence of neurological damage, reproductive harm and cancer.

The new, untested 5G technology uses all of the current frequencies and adds another layer of microwaves on top. The deployment of 5G is contingent on the installation of hundreds of thousands of new microwave antennas located in close proximity to homes, apartments, schools and businesses, exposing hundreds of millions of people to constant involuntary exposure to wireless radiation without their consent.

For a listing of July 27 rallies listed by our friends at Americans For Responsible Technology, please visit

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