What the heck is going on that's been kept from us??
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Surveillance and 5G Fast-Tracked Under Pretext of Fighting Coronavirus
by Derrick Broze & Josh del Sol

While much of the world has been focused on surviving a "pandemic", social distancing, and quarantines, proponents of mass surveillance and 5G have been scoring major gains. Read more...

Dear soul family,

Things are so polarized right now. Even the realities, it seems: of tragedy and hope. And in this, you are not alone in experiencing bewilderment.

Let us boldly inquire: Is humanity is being intentionally traumatized?

Information is continuing to come out that we are being lied to about the virulence of the Coronavirus. While YES, people are dying (as with any bad flu strain, for example), the response is Orwellian and surreal; and the ramifications are unprecedented.

To support the return to a common-sense perspective, see & share:

Ben Swann video – the breakdown of WHO’s disinformation
Wall Street Journal article – fatality rate too high by orders of magnitude
New England Journal of Medicine article – Dr. Fauci’s admission
CNN article – "majority of people with Covid-19 only suffer mild symptoms, then recover"


It’s becoming increasingly clear that elitist criminals in government, media, and corporations are pushing forward a carefully-orchestrated agenda to establish a global society of technocracy.

Here's our working hypothesis. This premeditated agenda appears to include:

  1. vaccines which may be mandatory (or coerced via digital certificates, wristbands, or social credit score);
  2. a rapid, covert expansion of 5G;
  3. global biometric systems (such as this) to track who has been vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19;
  4. the continuing implosion of the economy to make the public dependent on the State;
  5. a digital currency linked to the biometrics and 5G;
  6. fear-based social control system to normalize "social distancing" and unjustified fear of other human beings.  

The only way we will make it out of this precarious situation is to continue to educate our loves ones and community...

» Read this special report in full...

» Follow our research trail: more than 75 news items...

Vetted & Recommended: Swanwick Blue Blockers

Maybe you're like me: at home and online wayyy too much right now.

In addition to getting fresh air in Nature every day and cutting EMF exposure, I've come to realize that one of best & easiest tips to support my health, sleep and vitality is to use glasses to block the excess blue light from screens.

Swanwick is the 4th and best brand that I've tested. I personally used them in every interview in the 5G Crisis Summit... and they helped keep my energy levels up. They're the best I've found in terms of quality, comfort, durability and price.

blue blockers

In my spare time (not much these days) I'm putting together a report about the science behind blue-blocking glasses.

In the meantime, to save your eyeballs and improve your health and sleep -- especially with all the "virtual" time we're all doing now -- I invite you to order using the link below. They're still shipping, and at no cost:

Please Note: A percentage of the proceeds of your Swanwick order will help offset the significant costs of the next phase of our advocacy work. Thank you!

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