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URGENT CALL TO ACTION: Are 5G / Biometric Systems Being Covertly Installed During the Lockdown... Where YOU Live?
by TBYP Staff

On Monday, an apparently school board whistleblower detailed how school districts were intending to covertly install 5G equipment in schools during the lockdown. This was followed by additional footage. As the world grapples with the fallout of the COVID-19 situation, we write to you with an important call to action. Watch video & join discussion...

Dear soul family,

This is an unprecedented time. Some are beginning to see this event the 9/11 of our generation. Many in the research community are working diligently to bring forward the most important news that you will not find in the mainstream. Start with the breaking story just above.

We have also started a new Telegram Channel called "Solutions For Humanity" where we will be posting regularly. Take a moment to join us there, for uncensored updates about the developing situation, and share the link:

As you empower yourself awareness, remember also to breathe, pray and/or meditate, connect with Nature, and be real with those you love. We'll get through this together, so let's come together.

-Josh del Sol

EFFECTIVE: Vitamin C & Hydroxychloroquine

Vitamin C and Chloroquine / Hydroxychloroquine are two of the most effective remedies, acknowledged to help end the pandemic in China. Yet, this still has not been made common knowledge.

Vitamin C official success with COVID-19: see story | see science
Trump tweets on Hydroxychlorine: see tweet | see science

While Hydroxychlorine is expensive and harder to obtain, liposomal vitamin C is natural, ultra-absorbable (second only to intravenous delivery), and it’s much cheaper.

We're partnering with PureTHRIVE, a strong supporter of our 5G Crisis Summit. PuraTHRIVE's Micelle Liposomal Vitamin C is in extremely high demand, for good reason: it's the highest-potency oral vitamin C on the market, and it's delicious.

A percentage of the proceeds of your PuraThrive order will help offset the significant costs of the next phase of our advocacy work. Thank you.

Vit C
Key News of the Week
Kelly B

A message to help dispel fear [23 mins]
from Kelly Brogan, MD

Have you ever thought about why some souls - such as the famous Florence Nightingale - could go into the worst, contagious environments and just not get sick? This video from Dr. Kelly Brogan is such a breath of fresh air, ideal for those interested to "reality transurf" into a different, empowering paradigm.

As a member of Kelly's Vital Mind Reset group, I saw this video and asked her if she could open it up for sharing. She did, and I'm pleased to share with you this soul-level conversation. Warning...this may challenge limiting beliefs!
Watch video...

Watch the video

COVID-1984: A Global 9/11 [27 mins]
by Spiro Skouras

In this interview Spiro is joined by the host of Geopolitics and Empire who was recently censored by Youtube having his interview with Professor Francis Boyle removed regarding the coronavirus. Watch now...

Watch the video

Dr Thomas Cowan: Coronavirus Caused By 5G? [10 mins]
by Thomas Cowan

This 10 minute video by Thomas Cowan MD outlines some critical points as we investigate the possible/probable link between 5G/EMF and the Coronavirus effect. There are hundreds of studies (e.g. Chapter 8 of the Bioinitiative Report) that link EMF to immuno-suppression.  Watch video...

Watch the video

Medical Martial Law 2020 [70 mins]
by James Corbett []

"As the lockdowns go into place and the military takes to the streets in country after country, the decades of preparation for medical martial law are finally paying off for the pandemic planners. Today on this emergency edition of The Corbett Report podcast, James lays out the steps that have led us to the brink of martial law and the steps that are being taken to implement it now." Watch video...

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